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Information about Infinitic


  • How do do you deal with versioning?
  • How easy is it to create another client?
  • Are you considering another back-end then Pulsar? Considering it is quite something to host that yourself
  • Would it be possible to not only run workflows through it but also HTTP calls?
  • How does it compare to Restate (especially considering state)?
  • What happens if a workflow is currently occupied? Can messages be sent?
  • Iā€™d like to consider building BPMN on top of Infinitic, to compete with Camunda
  • Performance of 20 workflows per second on a macbook? That is quite limited.. Do you have performance tests?
  • What do you create topics for? There is quite a few - what if you want to run millions of workflows?
  • Running Pulsar is not an easy feat, there is cloud but how about the latency for Managed or cost for BYOC?

what happens if you have a wait for 1 month and another event is pushed?

Temporal Funding? Single developer? ā€”> yes Thinking of using with rabbitmq Performance ā€”> typiical latency for a task can be used for web requests? there is an in memory version for testing planning on new clients? DSL

How do we move from here?

  • ill try it out
  • do you intend to run it yourself a cloud version? Yes, for now only support